• At that early stage we weren't sure exactly what we needed from a wedding planner. We'd had some ideas about how we wanted the day to be, but no idea how to make them happen. It was great to meet someone who could work with us in such a flexible way and who really listened to what we wanted. However, the team you managed for us were all absolute professionals and the end results surpassed our expectations. We feel really fortunate to have found someone who not only helped us at every stage of our planning but who seemed to enjoy it as much as we did!
    Mrs & Mr. Govindarajulu

  • You've been excellent and are a superb wedding organiser. It was a great day and to see a much loved daughter so happy is such a joy.
    Shankar Narayan -Father of the Bride

  • We are very happy with SAI Rituals for the services offered by them to make our GRUHAPRAVESAM a successful event. Inviting our friends and relatives was the only task we have done rest all taken care by SAI Rituals. Thanks a lot for your wonderful service, keep rocking!!!
    - Senthil and Vidhya

  • I would like to thank you for providing the entertainers & excellent caterers on the night of the, February 22nd Marriage reception. They were all fantastic and did a great job and I would like to pass on my thanks to them all, also to you for your assistance with the last minute services. I would be very happy to use your services once again in the future. Thanks again.
    –GokulaKrishnan - Groom’s brother.

  • We as young couples were really so much tensed because this was the first family event to be organised by us without our elders help. We are very glad that everything went on in a very excellent way, more than what we had dreamt of. The gruhapravesam, organised for us by Sai Ritual services was really an ever memorable. Finally, we had appreciation from all our elders for choosing you.
    - Rahul & Latha

  • Sai Ritual services was really a blessing which I could find to organise my wife’s Seemantham. From booking of the venue, till arranging of Stalls for the entertainment of guests everything was perfectly organised and this would surely be a moment to cherish. With my busy schedule I couldn’t even think of the formalities to be done for the event, everything was well explained to me by Mala & Gayathri and they made me understand the sanctity in doing each of them. Thank you, for all your help. Now I am a proud father of a baby girl.
    - Mr. Sai Prakash

  • As office goers both I & my wife were really very much blessed to have the services of Sai Ritual services for the Upanayanam of our son. Thank you for helping us to bring so much joy to hundreds of our guests. Priest services, catering services was really excellent.
    - Ravikumar & Meena



The Samskara or ceremonial rite in which a young Brahmin boy is endowed with the sacred thread and initiated to the Gayathri mantra is referred to as ‘Upanayanam’.Upanayanam is one of the 16 sacred rites (samskaaras) to be performed in every Hindu’s life.Upanayanam symbolizes the opening of the third eye or the eye of knowledge in the child.. The Upanayanam makes the boy eligible for the study of the Vedas. The Vatu or the young Brahmachari becomes a Dvija or "Twice Born" after the Upanayanam. This is because the Samskara signifies spiritual rebirth.

Our services on this special occastion

  1. Booking of Mini halls / Mandapams
  2. Purchase & printing of Invitation cards
  3. Sending invitations through posts, email & SMS
  4. Floral decoration
  5. Catering services
  6. Priest services (with materials)
  7. Purchase of Return Gifts
  8. Bakshanam
  9. Rangoli / Kolam
  10. Photography/ Video
  11. Preparation of Sweets for distribution to guests
  12. Purchase of materials for homam
  13. Arranging for tubelights, fans, Shamiyanas chairs & tables etc.,
  14. Welcoming the guests and looking after their comforts etc.,


  • seemantham

    Bangles Stall

  • seemantham

    Pooja Articles

  • seemantham

    Catering Services

  • Gruhapravesam

    Invitation Card

  • Gruhapravesam

    Gho Pooja

  • Gruhapravesam


  • Upayanam

    Pooja Materials

  • Upayanam

    Homam Materials

  • Upayanam

    Upanayanam Services

  • sashthiyapoorthi

    Shastiyapthapoorthy Services

  • sashthiyapoorthi

    Marriage Give Aways

  • sashthiyapoorthi

    Seer Bakshanam

  • sashthiyapoorthi

    Poo Kolam

  • Banquet Chairs

  • Horse Chariot

  • Chocolate Fountain

  • Kerala Melam

  • Elephant

  • Fruit Salad Stalls

  • Rajasthani Gola

  • Mehendi Stalls

  • Game Stalls

  • Sugarcane Juice Stalls

  • Face Painting and Tattoo Stalls

  • Shamiyana

  • Thambula Cover

  • Seer Varisai


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Mrs.Gayathri Deenadayalan
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